Chicken disposal site earmarked in case of bird flu

Chicken disposal site earmarked in case of bird flu

An earmarked site on a suburban Toronto apartment block has attracted attention due to unusual ac바카라tivity at the site since October, reports the CBC News Service.

The Toronto-based Health Canada has identified an area within an apartment building that has been earmarked with the potential for bird flu outbreaks as the potential site of potential human health risk from the highly contagious respiratory illness.

The site of the earmarked site, known locally as H-Spot, is located near Yorkdale Drive and East Lawrence Avenue. It sits between the parking lot of Westwood Drive Apartments and the community garden on the corner of 바카라사이트Westwood and Yorkdale.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Provinc바카라ial Police told the CBC that the agency has not received any complaints or reported any incidents of bird flu in that location.

The earmarked H-Spot site has seen a recent spike in activity, according to the spokesperson.

A sign on the building warning of bird flu symptoms has not been removed from the site. (CBC)

The H-Spot site is listed as “safe” on the Ontario Food and Drug administration website and listed on a list of recommended site sources, the spokesperson told the CBC.

It has not yet been reported to police or Health Canada, but has been reported as potentially the potential site for a human human case.