Concern over proposed telstra tower would spark protests across WA

Concern over proposed telstra tower would spark protests across WA


Widespread protest over proposed new Telstra Tower in the Murray-Darling Basin could spark street battles in the area, with fears the controversial tower will spark riots.

Telstra has been ordered by federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon to hand over details on a proposed $30 million tower in the middle of Murra생방송 카지노y and Darling Strait.

The project was set to go ahead under section 51(2) of the Racial Discrimination Act but an appeal to the court against the order has failed.

The Attorney-General says the State Government’s obligation to consult on race-sensitive projects goes beyond the powers it has granted Telstra under section 41 of the Racial Discrimination Act.

“In the current legal situation, the State is also not responsible for the outcome, therefore it is not my responsibility as the Chief Executive if the State does not comp슬롯 카지노ly with its obligations under the Racial Discrimination Act,” Assistant Chief Executive, Minister, Michael McCormack told reporters on Thursday.

“We’ve said to Telstra over and over again that we want to consult with you, this is not some type of “We don’t care about you, what we’re doing is what we’ve got to do”.

“We’re not going to put up with racist comments when people have different views on things, but if people who express these views think it’s the right thing to do then that is not our responsibility.

“We’ve been under enormous pressure in the last few days to consult with the community and give them a say.

“At this time I cannot, as chief executive, give it to them without having discussions about what we think is the best course of action that’s going to have the biggest impact on the people who live along the Murray-Darling Strait.

“The best thing for the region is to build a better NBN and make sure that people have that broadband service that they would prefer t오리엔탈 카지노o have.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk condemned the plan and has called for the building to be suspended.

She has also put pressure on Labor to provide funding for its promised investment in a community broadband network that would allow more of the region to access internet at speeds of up to 70 megabits per second (Mbps).

Ms Palaszczuk said if Telstra refused to supply details it would force a re-start of the Federal Government’s $15 billion fibre-to-the-pre