Mackay sugar to end marketing agreement with qsl

Mackay sugar to end marketing agreement with qsl.

QSL says it will keep working with WPC to make the best use of its product portfolio.

The brand says it had been a long-time customer of QSL, running its own sugar plantation and selling some of its products and making some of its sugar from a local sugarcane field.

It said it will stop using qsl and any associated equipment and equipment vendors.

“The QSL family has been one of our best partners and this agreement is an example of the continued evolution of the brand and our dedication바카라사이트 to providing a quality product to our customers,” said Randal Mackay, managing director of the QSL Group.

“QSL sugar will continue as the preferred sugar supplier for the remaining months of the brand’s sugar marketing activities, and will continue to 바카라engage directly with its network of customers for the future.”

QSL says the sale t더킹카지노o WPC of its sugar will be “amendable” for the benefit of sugar producers who have taken advantage of the transition in sugar pricing to WPC as the price of cane-extracted sugar is being converted.

“In 2016-2017 QSL launched a new generation of its sugar cane-extracted sugar that delivered significant new revenue opportunities as compared with its current offering to consumers,” the QSL statement said.

“The transition, with a new sugar offering, provides an opportunity for both QSL and WPC to share in the benefits of growing the industry as a business.”